We help you collect feedback and understand customer needs and motives and introduce you to effortless and efficient research methods so you are enabled to design services, your customers love.

Who are my customers? When do customers buy? How do I design a customer questionnaire? What is a persona? How do I interview a customer? What do I need for a user test?

Consulting & Coaching

We support you with efficient and practical research methods in generating information about your customers and we show you how to design personas with little effort.


We are also at your side with tips and tricks when it comes to collecting and analysing valuable customer feedback or building a feedback management system.


We would be happy to design a workshop on customer insights according to your needs: regardless of whether it is about designing personas, performing user tests or developing a strategy for continuous feedback. The workshop can be held at you space or online.

Let's WOW Your Customers Together!

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